Barnabas Training

This training takes around 30 hours to complete. The training is based on working with and helping vulnerable adults. What we mean by vulnerable adults are people with mental ill health, homeless people, ex-offenders, sex offenders on MAPPA and Categories, prostitutes, people in addiction, and people with social phobias.

This training is designed to help people decide whether to engage as a mentor, which has strict rules and regulations, or be-friender which has some rules, but is a more free way of engaging someone, to being just a friend. We build up what is needed for each area of support, and identify how to support someone whom is vulnerable.

The topics included with the Barnabas Training are:

  1. Role as the Mentor
  2. Mentor, Be-Friender, or Friend
  3. Types of Clients
  4. Personality Types
  5. Setting Boundaries
  6. Effective Communications
  7. Meetings
  8. SMART Goal Setting
  9. Group Facilitation

This training can be presented live or online depending on the needs of the organisation. We always recommend a group size between 5 and 20, any more than 20 will get too chaotic as a training environment.

There is a charge for this training, and if you have any questions about this charge please contact