Our Programs

Recovered 4 Life (R4L) offers a few training courses for NGO’s, Christian organisations, charities, schools, and groups.

Elijah Project

Our main course is the Elijah project. This course is a 12 week course originally designed to help the marginalized get out of the cycle of destruction they find themselves in. This course can be used for people who also want to learn how to develop a relationship with God. The Elijah Project is a very interactive program, where we focus on all 7 learning styles so that people have the best experience to learn in an effective way.

Barnabas Training

Our support course is the Barnabas training. Barnabas was a mentor, and a teacher. He had to change the ideals of a militant Gentile into the forgiving Christian beliefs. Barnabas training teaches people how to come alongside of someone, support them, and properly mentor them into someone greater than they were before. This course is about 24 to 30 hours of training. It is intensive, but very effective. We’ve found great results from the identification of whether a person is a friend, befriender or a mentor. This course also identifies the differences as well as rules to follow to be an effective mentor.

Addiction Awareness Workshop

The addiction awareness workshop is a quick introduction on how to identify addictions, personality issues that lead to addiction. It is geared towards a younger audience because it’s original intent was to prevent addiction in the young before bad habits set in. The addiction awareness workshop can also be taught to groups, so that you can quickly identify issues within your organisation.

Measure Assess Teach (MAT) Work

MAT work is a very effective tool to identify the issues of those in your group very quickly. You can know exactly that issues you have on the day by doing the MAT work first thing. By having your participants using the MATs they are forced to express their inner emotions, telling you as well what is driving that emotion. This knowledge helps you instantly know what issues to focus on for the day with all of your participants.

Roots Counselling

Recovered 4 Life offers person centered counselling for those struggling with mental health issues and addiction.

contact Dawn: dawn@recovered4life.org