Welcome to Recovered 4 Life (R4L). This is where we battle addictions in the community.

Our vision is to see all churches in the world take on the Addiction Rehab in the Community (ARC) and the Elijah Project, to help those in their community to be set free from addiction, social phobias, mental issues, and emotional distress by realizing that Jesus Christ is their healer, saviour, and friend.

We have begun teaching people to help them get off of addiction from Alcohol, drugs, pornography, gambling, etc. We offer help from addiction with a non-residential rehab called the ARC, and an educational program called the Elijah Project. Both help people get free of addictions.

We have also created MAT work, which is Monitor, Assess, Teach mats. It gives group leaders, teachers, and facilitators the ability to quickly see a person’s current state of emotions and feelings. This can greatly improve response times on individuals coming into a program, and helps leaders to find solutions to their current problems quickly.

What we do…

Dawn runs a 5 day a week rehab for those with active addictions who want to get clean from a myriad of addictions.

People who suffer with alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, pornography, food, phones, games, sex, etc are all able to join the ARC and Elijah Project. This will help them get free of addiction.

We offer mentors, befrienders, support personnel, and pastors to support and come alongside those that want recovery to offer hope, help and healing.

The ARC offers help in multiple ways, it offers a structured day program with biblical teaching, art, music, counselling, practical life skills, and all of this is to assist the clients to get to the root of their problem. This gives the clients the foundation for their complete rehabilitation.

Jim heads up the training aspects of the ARC, Elijah Project, Mentor training, Be-Friender training, Addiction Awareness training, and the Presentations for the Recovered 4 Life organisation. As we speak Jim is currently writing the training manuals for mentors, be-frienders, and creating the users manual for the Elijah Project. Jim trains mentors and befrienders on how to support vulnerable adults. This will give the mentors and befrienders the necessary skills to come along side the clients. There are consistent training courses being delivered, so if you need this training in your community or church group please contact us to schedule some time with Jim.

About Us – R4L

Recoverd 4 Life (R4L) begun as a 12 step recovery program for those who suffered with addictions, which both Jim and Dawn worked in.   God lead Jim and Dawn to come out of that and develop R4L 7 years ago.  Through their own experiences of addiction they felt God lead them to produce a structured day program. This is where people could access a rehab daily without having to give up their own home, having to find funding, or having to pay for a residential rehab. Both Jim and Dawn had previous major addictions in their lives. Through God, surrender and practical teaching they have both been free of their addictions for years. Since this time Dawn wrote the Elijah Project book, and Jim is currently writing a book for mentoring people with addictions. Please watch this video to see why Jim and Dawn do what they do to help people who suffered as they did.

The structured day program called The Addiction Recovery in the Community (ARC) was a pilot scheme started with Isaac International in 2016. Dawn and Jim developed this into a person centered approach which allows individual recovery for all clients. At the heart for R4L people learn the art of surrender to God.

R4L began in Southampton England and has expanded quickly. We have a leader in the Southampton area who runs the Elijah Project program, and an off shoot of the recovery program running in London. R4L have since grown in Ghana and have started a training program for many churches there. Once the training program is finished we will roll out the Elijah Project to any groups, NGO’s, or churches who need to work with people who suffer with alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography, sex, and food addictions.

CONDA will spearhead the project in Ghana which is a Coalition Of NGO’s on Drug Addiction. They will roll out the Addiction Recovery Centre (ARC) in Accra Ghana once the Elijah Project has taken off. They will also man the office to ensure the Elijah Project is taught in the right way all over Ghana. They are working on setting policy about emptying the ghettos, getting prostitutes off the streets, and helping the vulnerable get free from addictions.



Please find our contact information below. We would love to hear from you about prayer requests, requests to join the program, testimonies, or even questions. Remember that Jim & Dawn have both been there, and are now free of addictions.

You can email Jim at jim@recovered4life.org or Dawn at dawn@recovered4life.org. You can also simply fill out the below form if it makes things easy. We endeavor to get back to people as quickly as possible.