About Us

Dawn and Jim started Recovered 4 Life back in 2004.  The group was formed to help the less fortunate in life.  Since it’s inception, we have helped the homeless, working girls, addicts, people with mental ill health from many countries around the world.  The main purpose of R4L is to equip churches, NGO, charities, groups and organisations to help the marginalized. 

Both Dawn and Jim came from and addictive past and gotten over their addictions.  Jim spent a year and a half homeless until he settled in the UK.  Dawn was a drug addict, and even progressed into being a drug dealer.  Both Dawn and Jim have changed completely from people they used to be.  So, when people challenge you by saying you don’t know how it is, or you don’t know where I’ve been Dawn and Jim have been there.

The Elijah project was created by Dawn to help people get a real relationship with God.

The Barnabas training was created by Jim to help people support others in their lives.