Covid-19 and Effects on Addiction

Hi All,

We are back and in isolation. We have noticed over the past 4 weeks of lock down the amount of people relapsing back on their addictions. The main issue to this is being with yourself, and not having an outlet to get your emotions out.

We found that good contact with others, either in WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or other social medias do help people not feel so alone. What happens when people are alone and run out of things to do in the house, they turn to their addictions. For the most part it’s to cover up the main issue of not liking the idea of being with yourself.

This also leads to more suicide attempts, and cries for help coming out during this time. We have increased the amount of contact we make with people now, which is why we haven’t been around to post blogs.

Do you want to help people who are suicidal or stuck on addiction? The best thing you can do is listen. Don’t give your opinion, just listen for a while. Let that person speak to you about their situation.

Then instead of putting your opinion in, let them know how God can help them in their situation. Step out of the way of God, and let Him do the work for you. If you pray before you get into the conversation, then you’ll be ready for the conversation. Then let God speak through you during that chat.

Love people, no matter who they are, and show that you love them. Once they realize that someone else is there who cares and can reach out to them, they are more likely to reach out to you.