On the Air! 2020 (Diabetic Christians)

Recently we have been talking to churches and individuals in Ghana about getting out of the church and doing what God has asked you to do. What we meant by this is that we’ve found that 90% of the people who go to church are there just to be fed by the pastor or minister. When have also spoken here in Southampton England about how the church has gone stagnant, and it needs a great awakening.

If you look around on a Sunday the same people are the ones working to keep the service flowing. The same people are going up front to speak, read, or testify. Are these people more holy that you? Do they have some special link to God that allows them to have a more blessed life than you? The answer is no. They just made the choice one day to serve God and said to him “Use me Lord.”, and he did. So what do we need to do, so we know what God has called us to do?

The first thing is to get to an Elijah Project near you! It’s a 12 week course designed to help you get a foundation in Christ, followed by 4 weeks of digging out the issues that have kept you held back, and finally the last stage of the Elijah Project is where you develop your calling in God.

So when people go to church and get fed on the Word and don’t do anything with it that is when they become fat and lazy in Christianity and what we call a diabetic Christian. That doesn’t mean that all people who are fat are diabetic, but large obesity does lead to medical complications, such as diabetes. You need to get out and exercise to get rid of excess fat, and you need to do the same thing when you get fed by the Word. You need to get out and DO something with the Word you’ve been given. God doesn’t do things just for one person, he does things through one person to reach many.

The next thing you need to do is find people whom you can reach. God will put you in jobs specifically designed for your ministry. For example, I am a trainer for sales teams. If you know sales you know it’s a competitive environment, full of rejection, stress, and disappointment. It also, however, has great rewards if you persevere through those tough times. People in this world live life to the fullest, work hard play hard usually. They also do things that are directly contradictory to Christian living, drugs, sex, gambling, etc. God has put me in these worlds for one purpose, to show these people that God works. In one place I worked drug deals happened in the hallways in full view of everyone, after 6 months these were hidden. Sex in the bathrooms was common place in another job, and these stopped as well. Is it my presence that did these changes? No, it was purely that God was in me, and I let him shine out of me. Closet Christians came out and were more vocal about Christian ethics, and people also took an interest in how I could maintain such a steadfast and positive attitude no matter what was happening at work. God put me right where I needed to be, and he will do exactly the same for you.

The last thing you need to do, is look. Seek out ANY opportunity to reach out to people in your own unique way when they are in need. If someone comes to you with a problem, listen to them. If you feel inside yourself that God want’s you to minister in another country, get confirmation and go! You are built for this time and in this place, use your gifting and make use of what God has put within you.

For more information seek out an Elijah Project near you, if you want to teach an Elijah Project then get in touch with Jim & Dawn VanSice.

A Leg Up in Ghana – The Cat Story

Who would’ve ever thought that God could speak through a cat?

Yes, we said a cat. For weeks now we’ve been working with the Jesus Rescue Team, Total Wellness and Recovery team in Ghana. We have helped them with the Elijah Project, and the Barnabas Training. The Elijah Project is a 12 week course designed to help people get out of their current way of living and get them on their calling with God. The Barnabas Training is a 4 week course of intensive training to prepare organisations on how to mentor, befriend, and run groups to support people in their care.

We had it on our hearts to help the working girls in Ghana by supporting them in a vocation to get them out of prostitution. We also had it on our hearts to sponsor someone from the ghettos in Ghana to get a job and get out of the ghettos.

So, back to the cat of the story. Whilst we were working the previous issues, a loud cat kept visiting our back garden. He would come in, and at times late at night we would hear someone eating at our cat’s food dishes. We just assumed it was our cats, but at times we could see both in the room. We could never catch the cat if it was indoors, because if we moved he must’ve heard and left quickly.

We decided to post his picture on a Lost and Found page on Facebook to see if anyone knew if he was lost. We found out that he might have been a lady’s cat who was missing for quite some time. We ruled this out, because the cat would’ve had to cross a motorway and 2 major roads to get to us.

We knew the cat was a stray because he would sit on our wall in the rain (not a normal cat behavior), and rest under our lounger in the back garden. He didn’t trust us, and wouldn’t come near us, but after weeks of trying to get him to trust us, Jim finally got within 6 feet of him. I guess the cat was observing social distancing rules.

On that day we knew that we were on a winner with the cat, so we dug out food, tuna fish, anything we could find to entice him into the house. We even moved the food closer to the door so he could get to it. When he came in, we quickly closed the door and offered up the cat carrier to him. He went in without much fuss!

Now came the tough part. We are in lock-down, so visiting a vet is by appointment only and you can’t go in, the vets come out to see you, etc. So capturing a cat we took the risk and showed up at the vets. They told us, if the cat wasn’t micro-chipped we would have to take it back home and find the owners. Not ideal, since this isn’t our cat and he would need to be integrated into the house.

So, we waited patiently for the vet to check the cat. Whilst we did that we were searching for catteries that would take him in or another vet that would house him.

The vet came back out and said she was on the phone with the owner of the cat and she was shouting down the phone. We thought, great we just stole someone’s cat from the local neighborhood. The vet said she was so overjoyed that her cat was found she was shouting down the phone!

The vet couldn’t tell us much, but she asked if the owner wanted to contact us to thank us can she have our number? Of course we gave it to her and within about 30 minutes the lady called us to thank us for saving her cat. She then dropped the bomb on us, saying the cat had a £500 reward for finding it. Bear in mind this cat was from the lady 2 major roads, and 1 motorway away, there was NO way they would’ve found this cat. So we knew right away what we would do with the God given money, and we accepted the reward.

Within 30 minutes the money came in, and we had also sent the money back out to Ghana. This money that God provided paid for Richards training, his certificate, and 50 GHS for lunches. It also put down money for the girls in Tema to make dish soap to sell, rather than selling themselves for money. To start up making dish soap it costs 500 GHS, so the remainder of the reward paid for that.

If you think that God doesn’t answer prayers, then look to the animals of the world. He kept that cat alive, allowed it to find our house where God lives, found two people willing to help it in time of need, to then abundantly bless Richard and the girls of Tema!

What is your story?

Family Life for Addicts

What most people won’t know is for an addict being locked up in your home with just yourself is like having someone torture you, and never let you go. You have nothing but your thoughts to contend with, and you have probably already exhausted all other options to divert your attention.

All the mandatory box sets watched. Tick.

All the recorded shows recorded, and watched. Tick

Fixed things that were bothering you. Tick

Clean the house. Tick tick tick

All of this gives you one thing as well, more time with yourself. We have found a significant increase in domestic violence and addiction use. We have government supplied funds, time, and a lack of things to do. So, what’s the alternative?

Since you’ve been locked down by a virus, you can’t get angry at anything from your frustration. How do you make the virus pay for your suffering? How do you get compensation from the virus whilst you wallow in the depths of despair? You find other outlets to vent those frustrations. Your partner is a good one, he/ she does things that annoy you. They do it all the time now, because they’re there ALL the time now.

So, how do we get a handle on things whilst in lock-down? First thing we need to do is drop the pride, and reach out to others telling them we are struggling. We need to be the people that others can reach out to, without condemnation, judgement, or personal opinion. We need to listen, and those reaching out need to be heard.

At Recovered 4 Life (R4L) we have started up many different forms of communication with our guys. We use Zoom on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays for a chat and some learning. We use Zoom to expand who we speak to in the UK, US, and Ghana. We have Facebook, Instagram (Same thing really), WhatsApp, Skype, LinkedIn, YouTube, text and phone calls. This still is just a drop in the ocean as far as what is needed.

Be the answer to the question: “Who will be there when I need them?”

Are you the answer or another question?

R4L has a drop in meeting for those suffering with addiction on Zoom at 10AM. Email events@recovered4life.org for more information and the link.