Family Life for Addicts

What most people won’t know is for an addict being locked up in your home with just yourself is like having someone torture you, and never let you go. You have nothing but your thoughts to contend with, and you have probably already exhausted all other options to divert your attention.

All the mandatory box sets watched. Tick.

All the recorded shows recorded, and watched. Tick

Fixed things that were bothering you. Tick

Clean the house. Tick tick tick

All of this gives you one thing as well, more time with yourself. We have found a significant increase in domestic violence and addiction use. We have government supplied funds, time, and a lack of things to do. So, what’s the alternative?

Since you’ve been locked down by a virus, you can’t get angry at anything from your frustration. How do you make the virus pay for your suffering? How do you get compensation from the virus whilst you wallow in the depths of despair? You find other outlets to vent those frustrations. Your partner is a good one, he/ she does things that annoy you. They do it all the time now, because they’re there ALL the time now.

So, how do we get a handle on things whilst in lock-down? First thing we need to do is drop the pride, and reach out to others telling them we are struggling. We need to be the people that others can reach out to, without condemnation, judgement, or personal opinion. We need to listen, and those reaching out need to be heard.

At Recovered 4 Life (R4L) we have started up many different forms of communication with our guys. We use Zoom on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays for a chat and some learning. We use Zoom to expand who we speak to in the UK, US, and Ghana. We have Facebook, Instagram (Same thing really), WhatsApp, Skype, LinkedIn, YouTube, text and phone calls. This still is just a drop in the ocean as far as what is needed.

Be the answer to the question: “Who will be there when I need them?”

Are you the answer or another question?

R4L has a drop in meeting for those suffering with addiction on Zoom at 10AM. Email for more information and the link.

1 Year on

This time last year we were planning our trip to Accra Ghana, and the surrounding areas. We decided to go to Ashanti region, northern region, eastern region, central region, and western region. We traveled many days, and if you know anything about Ghanaian roads, you know this is slow and arduous travel.

Each village we reached had a collection of people eager to hear God’s word, we even stopped off in truck stops and had gatherings of people eager to hear a message from one of the pastors we were traveling with. I can’t single out just one place that was the most impacting because every place we went was of great importance.

Ghana is a beautiful country, and throughout our whole visit we were inspired by everything we saw. Since we left a part of us is still in Ghana, and we are looking forward to coming back.

We have been working with CONDA since it’s inception in October 2019, and they are making brilliant strides to unify the different NGO’s that work with vulnerable people in the country. We are also partnering with Jesus Rescue Team in Accra Ghana, and their work with the prostitutes and the men in the ghettos is vital work.

After lock down and we’re allowed to travel back, we will visit these specific organisations to see what they’ve been doing and to also see how we can support them more. We financially help out CONDA and Jesus Rescue Team, we are also looking into helping Mama Happy and MAHLEF in Bankumen Tema. MAHLEF helps the teens who have found themselves pregnant and in a serious situation, where they can’t feed or educate their children. This is vital work in Ghana to help educate the children of the area to become a better version of themselves. Just recently they fed hundreds of children, teen moms, and the needy. They are a constant outreach in the Tema area.

We did an interview with Mama Happy, and when we’re allowed back into church we wish to show this video. I will post the interview here, so you can hear what a great work she’s doing.

My interview with Mama Happy whilst touring MAHLEF

Now that you’ve seen and observed the great works going on in Ghana, you can understand why we want to go back there. We have established a few Elijah Projects in Ghana, but we need to do more. If you want to help the ministry and get us into more places around the world, please feel free to contact Dawn & Jim, and Every salvation we had whilst on this trip was like liquid gold to us, and we look forward to having the same if not greater impact of salvations.

We reached thousands on the first visit, now we’re looking to expand that to tens of thousands. We had so many healed, salvation’s, and praise reports from so many. We will touch the lives of those in this country and many more countries in the future. God has already plowed the flied, we’re just following behind him to plant the seeds.

The 2020 Vision

Well, we’ve made it to 2020. We’ve all heard the terms 2020 vision by now, and it’s old school. So, after saying that our vision for R4L, Elijah Project, and the ARC are coming into view. Dawn and I have left the Elijah Project in the capable hands of Colin in Southampton, and we are currently training the new leaders in Ghana. We are planning our trip to South Africa, and we are visiting JBerg, and Durban, the crusade is being called SACRED South Africa Crusade on Recovery Education and Discipleship. We are so excited to do this crusade and look forward to seeing you there soon.

We have arrived again!

Well it’s been a very busy year in 2019, so let’s review. Our third year with the ARC has seen yet more people set free from their addictions. We produced a new video for Jenna, who was brave enough to share her story. We traveled to Ghana in Africa, and spent 10 days on the road there. Such an eventful trip and out of this a coalition was formed to have a stronger voice within the country to enact change from the grassroots level up to governmental level. A train the trainer program was started in Ghana to get people ready to teach the Elijah Project. There are talks now about taking more trips into Africa again, but in other areas. We will keep you posted when more happens!