Connections/ Partners

Isaac International has been a great support for the R4L team, and we continue to nurture this relationship to today.
Isaac International Website

Liberty International Network Europe (LINE) has supported the R4L team and been on crusade with us in Brescia Italy, Accra Ghana, and soon Johannesburg South Africa.
LINE Website

MAHLEF Foundation – Ghana is The Mama Happy Life Enhancement Foundation, MAHLEF is a Community based Outreach Program with a one-story facility which is focused on reaching out to Teen Pregnant Moms and their babies, and Non-school going destitute children roaming around in the community during normal school hours. Through Education, Daycare, Life skills and Vocational Training, Feeding, Clothing, and Peer Counselling, we are making great Impact in the lives of the needy children and Teen moms and Babies within the community.

Victory Gospel Church in Southampton England is our spiritual home, and has housed the ARC for 3 years now. They are the biblical leaders for the clients we see, and the home of our programs.
Victory Gospel Church Website

Change, Grow, Live Southampton has been vital referring many people to the ARC program. We work closely with this service in both directions referring back t them as much as they refer to us.
CGL Website

Jesus Rescue Team in Ghana is a team full of zealous personalities who are enthusiastic about reaching the unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. They reach out the ghettos in Accra Ghana, the minister in the Northern region of Ghana. They extend God’s love and favor to the prostitutes, and marginalized in the community. Winning souls for God on every encounter.

Jesus Rescue Website

Yeldall Manor is a Christian charity providing comprehensive residential rehabilitation, including detoxification, to men aged between 18 and 65, with long-term drug and/or alcohol dependencies.
Yeldall Manor Website

MAHLEF Website