What we do…

Dawn runs a 5 day a week rehab for those with active addictions who want to get clean from a myriad of addictions.

People who suffer with alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, pornography, food, phones, games, sex, etc are all able to join the ARC and Elijah Project. This will help them get free of addiction.

We offer mentors, befrienders, support personnel, and pastors to support and come alongside those that want recovery to offer hope, help and healing.

The ARC offers help in multiple ways, it offers a structured day program with biblical teaching, art, music, counselling, practical life skills, and all of this is to assist the clients to get to the root of their problem. This gives the clients the foundation for their complete rehabilitation.

Jim heads up the training aspects of the ARC, Elijah Project, Mentor training, Be-Friender training, Addiction Awareness training, and the Presentations for the Recovered 4 Life organisation. As we speak Jim is currently writing the training manuals for mentors, be-frienders, and creating the users manual for the Elijah Project. Jim trains mentors and befrienders on how to support vulnerable adults. This will give the mentors and befrienders the necessary skills to come along side the clients. There are consistent training courses being delivered, so if you need this training in your community or church group please contact us to schedule some time with Jim.